Machine Learning — why baseline is important?

Baseline machine learning models help in comprehensibility.

Consistently, we develop complex and complex softwares, and consistently, the winner comes out to be simple ones. Comprehensibility is an important criteria for a Machine Learning model. That is the reason we build simple, comprehensible and reasonable model as the baseline first. Then build more complex one on top of... [Read More]

Search and Intelligence - 3

Solr core setup and Solr UI

Extended from the previous post, we will explore Solr UI here. This post is third in its series of exploration and understanding of Solr for the purpose of full text search technology (1st post, 2nd post). Solr provides with UI that has powerful analysis tools along with admin capabilities. In... [Read More]
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Search and Intelligence - 2

Setup Solr

In the previous story, I had provided with a novice and terse introduction to Solr. The purpose of the story was to get you acquaintance with NoSQL full-text search technologies. In this part of the story I am going to elaborate more on production setup of Solr. [Read More]
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